PhD in History, University of California, Santa Cruz – June 2016
Dissertation: Perfect Child, Perfect Faith: Raising Children in Nineteenth-Century Religious Communities
Major Field: 19th-Century U.S. History, emphasis on gender, religion, and children
Advisor: Marilyn Westerkamp
Certificate in Graduate Leadership Program

MA in History, University of California, Santa Cruz – June 2011
Thesis: The Relief Society, 1842-1897: Women’s Leadership Theology, & Benevolence

MA in History, University of California, Irvine – September 2007
Thesis: Polygamy and Proselytizing in the Pacific: The Mormon Question in the Missionary Field During the Late 19th Century
Major Field: 19th-Century U.S. History, emphasis on religion and gender

BA in History, California State University, San Marcos – May 2003
Minor in Communications

Teaching Fields

  • 19th-century US History 
  • 20th-century US History 
  • African American History 
  • Colonial History North America 
  • California History 
  • Women in US History
  • Immigration History
  • American Religious History 
  • Children’s History in United States 
  • World History 


Courses Taught

Santa Clara University 

  • Cultures and Ideas I: Civilization and the City (Lower Division) – 2016
  • Cultures and Ideas II: Civilization and the City (Lower Division) – 2016-present
  • Cultures and Ideas I: Imperial West (Lower Division) – 2017
  • Cultures and Ideas I: Slavery & Unfreedom (Lower Division) – 2017 
  • Protest and Activism: United States 1960s-1970s (Upper Division) – 2018-present
  • Politics and Celebrity: 1980s-Present (Upper Division)  – 2018-present
  • Globalism, Reform, and War: The US Civil War/Reconstruction to the Present (Lower Division) – 2019
  • The Civil War Era (Upper Division) – 2018; 2020
  • History of California (Upper Division) – 2018-present

UC Berkeley 

  • Whose Rights? Citizens and Citizenship in American History (Lower Division) – 2019
  • The Repeopling of America: Immigration in US History (Upper Division) – 2019

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

  • Religious Utopian Communities – 2017
  • Age of Jackson – 2019

Community College Classes 

  • US History Through 1865 – 2008-present
  • US History Since 1865 – 2008-present
  • History of California – 2018
  • Women in US History – 2013-present

UCSC GSI Courses 

  • Civil War Era (Upper Division) – 2014
  • Introduction to American Religious Culture (Lower Division) – 2013

Experience as Teaching Assistant, UCSC

  • Historical Skills and Methods
  • Introduction to Jewish History and Culture
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Power, Principle, Process, and Policy: Introduction to Politics 
  • History of Modern Israel
  • History of Ancient Egypt
  • Early Christianity
  • Markets and Morality in Nineteenth-Century US History
  • US History to 1877
  • Native American History to 1860
  • Race, Gender, and Power in the Antebellum South
  • African American History: 1877 to the Present
  • Civil War Era 
  • European Intellectual History
  • Introduction to American Religious Culture 
  • History of Sin
  • Modern European History
  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Cold War Culture
  • US History: World War I Through World War II 
  • Women and American Religious Culture


“‘We do not have any Prejudice…but’: Racism in the Interracial Berea Literary Institute, 1866-1904” scheduled for publication in Summer 2020, Ohio Valley History

Book Reviews
Remember Me to Miss Louisa Book Review, Ohio Valley History, Summer 2016

Edited Volumes

Encyclopedia Entries

  • “Bustle” Encyclopedia of Women and American Popular Culture, Facts on File 2011
  • “Petticoat” Encyclopedia of Women and American Popular Culture, Facts on File 2011
  • “Drive In” Encyclopedia of Women and American Popular Culture, Facts on File 2011
  • “Girdle” Encyclopedia of Women and American Popular Culture, Facts on File 2011
  • “Mail Order Catalog” Encyclopedia of Women and American Popular Culture, Facts on File 2011 


Awards & Honors

  • Cabrillo College Teaching Appreciation Award, 2015
  • UCSC History Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant, 2013 

Grants & Fellowships

  • UCSC Doctoral Student Sabbatical Fellowship, 2015
  • UCSC Institute for Humanities Research Dissertation Writing Summer Fellowship, 2015
  • UCSC History Department Summer Dissertation Research Grant, 2013 
  • UCSC History Department Research Grant, 2010 

Conference Participation

  • “Seeking the Spiritual Authority of the Motherhood Trinity: The Mormon Relief Society, 1842-1896” Christian Communities & Challenges of Diplomacy Panel; Rocky Mountain Disciplinary History Conference, Boulder, Co, 2013 
  • “Polygamy and Proselytizing in the Pacific: Gender & The Mormon Question in the Mission Field;” World History Association Conference, San Diego, CA, 2010 

Talks & Presentations

  • Introduction to History Club/PAT screening of Selma; SCU, 2019
  • “The Oregon and Overland Trail”; Central Park Elementary Linda Berger Fourth Grade Class, Santa Clara, CA 2019
  • Introduction to History Club screening The Free State of Jones; SCU, 2017 “Define the Child, Define the Community,”
  • Poster Presentation Graduate Research Symposium; UCSC, 2016
  • Panel Member Graduate School Workshop for Undergraduates; UCSC, 2016 
  • “Phyllis Schafly & the ERA: Using Primary Uses” Guest Lecturer History 100; UCSC, 2016
  • “Historiography & Citation” Guest Lecturer History 100; UCSC, 2016
  • “On Being a Teaching Assistant” Seminar Discussion Facilitation; UCSC, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015
  • “On Being a Community College Instructor” Seminar Discussion Facilitation; UCSC, 2013
  • “Death & Innocence: Changing Meanings During the Civil War” Civil War Forum, Cabrillo College, 2015
  • “Second Great Awakening,” Guest Lecturer History 114; UCSC, 2013 
  • “History & Archaeology,” Guest Lecturer Archaeology 100; UCSC 2010 


  • CORE Pathways, SCU – 2019-present
  • Coordinating Council for Women in History Rachel Fuchs Memorial Award Prize Committee – 2018, 2019
  • Panel Chair, Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, SCU – 2018
  • History Club Faculty Advisor, SCU – 2017-Present
  • Faculty Senator, Cabrillo College – 2014-2016
  • GSA Co-President, Graduate Student Association, UCSC – 2012-2013 
  • GSA Secretary, Graduate Student Association, UCSC – 2011-2012
  • History Department Representative, Graduate Student Association, UCSC – 2010-2011 

Professional Development

  • Designing Effective Writing Assignments, Success in Writing, Information, and Research Literacy Initiative at SCU – 2020
  • Effective Teaching Practices; Association of College and University Educators – 2019-present
  • Teaching in Summer; UC Berkeley, 2019
  • Taming the Red Pen: Strategies that Help Students Become Better Writers and Simplify Grading; SCU, 2018
  • The Science of Decision Making in Higher Education: Excellence and Impartiality; Cabrillo College, 2018
  • Online Teaching Strategies; Cabrillo College, 2017
  • Contemplative Pedagogy Workshop; UCSC, 2016
  • Reading Apprenticeship, Cabrillo College, 2015
  • Online Teaching Conference, San Diego, 2015
  • Graduate Student Leadership Skills, UCSC, 2015
  • Supporting Student Success, Cabrillo College, 2014
  • Teaching and Evaluating in a Digital Age, Cabrillo College, 2014
  • Teaching History at the Community College, Cabrillo College, 2013
  • The Art of Listening, Palomar College, 2009
  • Communicating Between Cultures, Palomar College, 2009
  • Teaching Strategies for Student Retention, Palomar College, 2008
  • Bias in the Classroom, Palomar College, 2008 

Professional Memberships
American Historical Association 
Organization of American Historians
Filson Society
Religion & Culture Research Cluster, UCSC
Interdisciplinary Childhood Research Cluster, UCSC
Mormon History Association 
Society of the History of Children and Youth