Digital History

In 2021, I created the Public and Digital History course at Santa Clara University.

This course is an introduction to the intersection of digital history and public history. The course will explore digital literacy, with a focus on public history. Students will discuss how public history differs from academic history and how public history presents its material. Students will consider how digital history provides a unique outlet for public history. Students will explore how history is preserved online both in primary and secondary sources. Students will learn about the continuity and sustainability of digital history, including a lifelong commitment to both preservation and creation of history. Students will also explore how historians access sources created digitally, which has rapidly changed in just a few decades meaning some sources are inaccessible without old technology. In this course, students will interact and use a variety of digital tools and resources. Students will learn how these technologies have changed and have the opportunity to use some of the technologies to present their own research on a topic of their choosing.

Below is a list of links to completed student projects.

Winter 2022

Winter 2021